BigTech’s failed response to the worst bugs in modern history reinforced the roadmap used to redirect accountability and perpetuate cybersecurity inequity.

Intel led an elite group in responding to the worst computer vulnerabilities in history. (Photo by Slejven Djurakovic on Unsplash)


Reports of another hidden cyber espionage campaign illustrate the power imbalance between technology titans and their customers

Defending systems is hard when you don’t know you’re under attack. (Andreas Steidlinger/Scopio)

Memes make misinformation art until they are peddled as facts on social media.

Funny that this didn’t actually happen. (Edited screenshot from the News Literacy Project)

Conspiracy theorists could have gotten away with fake Biden if not for these darn facts about optical illusions.

Modified Screenshot by the News Literacy Project.

Questioning what they might be hiding is part of a viral social media fake news conspiracy

Sagging boots fuel a conspiracy theory. (Screenshot by Snopes)

Former President Trump DID NOT make a surprise visit to Switzerland aboard a US Marine Corps helicopter.

Edited screengrab from the News Literacy Project.

Deepfake technology may be destroying society one celebrity at a time

Video Screenshot by the News Literacy Project.

A fake news analysis to help anyone combat social media falsehoods and gaslighting

Photo by United Nations COVID-19 Response on Unsplash

Retaining business customers is critical for Zoom as it battles for the video conferencing market crown

Rapid recent customer growth forced Zoom to save its brand. (Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

It is time to proudly show the faces of resilience to the world

Photo by Chris Hall on Unsplash

Michael Figueroa (He/Him)

Latinx tech & biz exec making solutions more accessible for mission-driven orgs. Fmr President, Advanced Cyber Security Center.

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